From the pages of 'The British Tarantula Society Journal'


Carl Portman

A is for Arachnids, the things we adore,
B is for Book-lungs of which they have four,
C is for Captive-bred, to buy these is best,
D is for Doppelganger, what a wonderful vest,
E is for Ecdysis, sloughing or moult,
F is for Fang, get bitten it's your fault,
G is for Goliath. such beauty and charm,
H is for Help if it runs up your arm,
I is for Indian, a Poccilotheria,
J is for Juruensis, an Avicularia,
K is for Kirk our editor Peter,
L is for Lividum, some people eat her,
M is for Mombassa starburst baboon.
N is for Nymphs that will colour up soon, 0 is for orb-web, a beautiful sight,
P is for Peat (or verTniculite!),
Q is for Quiet they are solitary creatures,
R is for Rapid, just one of their features,
S is for Substrate you must get it right,
T is for Thailand black, this thing will bite,
U is for Urticating such horrible hair,
V is for Venom meant for prey they ensnare,
W is for Wandering spider, taking it's chances,
X is for Xenesthis, it's last name immanis,
Y is for Yellow-nimp, conunon it's not,
Z is for Zebra, thank god that's the lot.

Copyright 'The British Tarantula Society', 1998

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