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Care Sheet

Pink-Toed Tarantula (Avicularia avicularia)

This is one of my favourite spiders. It looks like a fluffy spider that you'd hang from your rear-view mirror of your car! All that sooty-black fluffyness with those feet that look like they have stepped in orange or pink paint! Almost the clown of Tarantulas ;-)

This was the very first tarantula to be described (by Linnaeus in 1758).

The spider is an arboreal (tree living) species and builds long silken tubes in folded leaves high up off the floor of the rainforest.

This spider is relatively widespread and can be found in:
Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela and Trinidad

The size of the female is upto: 5 inches
Males measure in at upto: 3.5 inches

The requirements in captivity are:

An arboreal tank setup.
Humidity - least 80 percent (there is a high mortality rate in captivity due to desication).

Temperature range - 75-85 farenheit

Substrate - Vermiculite or peat.

Branches or other suitable steralised roosts for the silken tubes to be attached to.

Diet - All suitable insects. In the wild they will eat tree frogs, inscets and the occassional roosting bird.

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