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I've found this...

Spider/Scorpion, can you tell me what it is and is it venomous?

Well, if you are trying to identify a spider/scorpion or other arachnid that you have found/come in contact with, then please follow the advice below: 

1. If it is a large hairy spider, then look through the 'Tarantula Gallery'

2. If it is a Scorpion, then look through the 'Scorpion Gallery'

3. If it is another type of spider or arachnid, then look through the 'Other Spiders Gallery'

4. If it is not in the above resources then please fill out the  following form (please bear in mind that there are over 35,000 known species of spiders so I can't guarantee a positive id. The more information you can supply the better my chances of finding the correct match.)

5. PLEASE, PLEASE, only send me a query if you have a photo.
Otherwise the chances of me getting back to you with an answer are almost nil as my workloads are very, very high at the moment. 

Alternatively, if you have access to Flickr, you can post the picture(s) directly on the What's This Spider group.

Apologies to those of you that I haven't managed to respond to, this is either due to lack of information supplied and/or time to do the required research.

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    Please answer the questions below. Please enter a Carriage Return or Enter at the end of each line in the text box below, thank you.

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